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December, 2008: Neapolitan Family (Dec); page 23 "Environmentally and Kid Friendly Carpet Cleaning at One Minute Dry Time."

Natural Awakenings (Dec); page 13 "Green Cleaning.


February, 2009: Health & Wellness Magazine (Feb); pg 27 "Get Clean with the most thorough and healthiest carpet cleaning or its free".



March, 2009: (Mar) Health & Wellness Magazine; pg 25.


April, 2009: (March/April) Pulse Magazine; pg 12. See our feature on ways to go green in Naples!


April, 2009: (April) Health and Wellness Magazine; pg 29. See how One Minute Dry Time can help Allergy Sufferers!


July, 2009: (July) Health and Wellness Magazine; pg 24. Learn how to "get green" by using our water free carpet cleaning services!