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Servicing all of LEE and COLLIER counties

About Our Company

The One Minute Dry Time GREEN Carpet cleaning services both Collier and Lee Counties.  We have specialized in home and office cleaning services since 1995 and are considered the experts in the industry.


We provide you with the VERY best in customer service, have the BEST trained staff, and are proven to be extremely reliable.  Our services are even Guaranteed 4 ways!




Message from Owner

Thank you for choosing The One Minute Dry Time GREEN Carpet Cleaning.  We take pride in our quality of work, our trained and certified staff, and high level of customer satisfaction. 


Our mission is to make a difference on our planet...One Home At A Time.  Join us now in making this mission a reality.   We believe you and your family deserve to live in a clean and healthy home!




Bobby Prats,